​         A well trained versatile hunting dog is a critical conservation tool and also makes the hunting experience much more enjoyable. Training a dog isn't a destination but a journey. Trying to be effective yet retain and build the confidence and style in a dog takes an eye for dogs and the ability to adjust the training approach to match the dog. Here at Evergreen we put an emphasis on building a confident and stylish dog. Our approach is to build upon the natural ability the dog was born with and add confidence in you as a handler.

         The owner and Trainer of Evergreen Gundogs is Brandon Smith. Having trained a mix of retrievers and versatile dogs since his early 20s has been quite the journey from training his early retrievers for waterfowl hunting to getting into Versatile Hunting dogs and NAVHDA hunt tests. Having handled multiple dogs from Natural Ability to Utility Tests gives a tremendous advantage in building the ideal Versatile Gundog that a discerning hunter is looking for. Brandon became a NAVHDA Judge in 2017 after getting completely hooked on the NAVHDA system. Having judged hundreds of dogs in NAVHDA has given a tremendous leg up on learning to better read dogs and better understand them. Brandon is also very active in the local NAVHDA chapter. Leading Training groups and helping many folks attain their goals within the NAVHDA testing system has been a wonderful experience.


          We Offer started through finished level training for Versatile dogs wanting to run NA, UPT, and UT hunt tests in the NAVHDA system. I am however a low volume dog trainer, I take in a very limited number of dogs so that I can provide the most time possible with each individual dog.


          Evergreen Puppy buyers get first priority for my schedule but I can sometimes fit others in my schedule. I can also do One on One training by the hour if that is something you are interested in. I will evaluate each dog to see if it is a good fit for our training program and the goals of the handler and the overall personality of the dog. I also offer just basic gundog training for the person wanting a solid hunting companion.

Training rates: $250.00 a week. (+Bird costs)

1on1 rates: $50.00 Hour

My formal retrieve program is a flat rate structure. This allows time to really shape the dogs delivery and build a reliable dog that does its job with style and enthusiasm. Accomplishing this by going at the pace of the dog leaves lasting results and we want to give a predictable price that people can expect.


Formal Retrieve Program cost: $800.00 

2021 Schedule

                    2021 we have limited openings. We have a number of Kennel dogs that are going through testing this season but will be taking in a couple dogs for Formal Retrieve in 2021.

I do know and trust a few other trainers here in Washington that I can provide a referral to...