2020 Schedule

​         Currently we Offer started through finished level training for Versatile dogs wanting to run NAVHDA hunt tests. I am however a low volume dog trainer, I take in a very limited number of dogs so that I can provide the most time possible with each individual dog. Puppy buyers get first priority for my schedule but I can sometimes fit in others. I will evaluate each dog to see if it is a good fit for our training program and the goals of the handler and the overall personality of the dog. I also offer just basic gundog training for the person wanting a solid hunting companion.

I also offer handling for hunt tests if that is something you are looking for.

Training rates are $800.00 a month.

My formal retrieve program is a 1 month Minimum. This allows time to really shape the dogs delivery and a reliable dog that does its job with style and enthusiasm

                    2020 is looking full till September. We have a number of Kennel dogs that are going through testing this season but will be taking in a couple dogs for Force Fetch Fall/Winter of 2020...

I do know and trust a few other trainers here in Washington that I can provide a referral to...

Penny and I posing after getting our UT Prize 1

A year or so ago handling Cedar in his UT Test.

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