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​         A well trained versatile hunting dog is a critical conservation tool and also makes the hunting experience much more enjoyable. Training a dog isn't a destination but a journey. Trying to be effective yet retain and build the confidence and style in a dog takes an eye for dogs and the ability to adjust the training approach to match the dog. Here at Evergreen Gundogs we put an emphasis on building a confident and stylish dog. Our approach is to build upon the natural ability the dog was born with and add confidence in you as a handler.

Meet the Owner/Trainer

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Brandon Smith

          Brandon has been training Versatile Hunting Dogs for around 8 Years for Various levels of testing from NAVHDA NA through the Invitational. He has also Trained and handled dogs in AKC, UKC, and CKC Hunt Tests. He has trained his personal labs since his early 20s as an avid waterfowl hunter. Brandon is a NAVHDA Judge and has been extremely active in NAVHDA at various levels of the Organization. He has a very adaptive approach to training dogs and uses various methods to accomplish the goals with each dog. Being adaptive allows you to adjust the training to fit the dogs individual temperament and ability.

Training Program

         We Offer started through finished level training for Pudelpointers wanting to run NA, UPT, and UT hunt tests in the NAVHDA system. We also train and run dogs in all Levels of AKC, CKC and UKC. I am however a low volume dog trainer, I take in a limited number of dogs so that I can provide the most time possible with each individual dog. Evergreen Puppy buyers are my priority in my scheduling. Reach out to get on our list for training as our training schedules fill up fast.


          We offer One-on-One training if that is something you are interested in. This setup allows more of a hands on learning experience for helping you learn to train your own dog and not have to board the dog.

Formal Retrieve Program

         Our Formal Retrieve Program consists of taking a dog from square one to a finished reliable retrieve. Building the proper delivery in a confident and stylish manner takes repetition and time. This program typically takes around one month to complete but varies from dog to dog. We charge a flat rate for our Formal Retrieve Program.

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