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                   The story of Evergreen Gundogs started way back When I was a young boy learning to hunt. I grew in my love for waterfowl hunting which naturally lead me to getting my first Lab named hunter. He was a black lab that I had big aspirations for but being in my mid teens didn't exactly give me the most discipline to fully train a dog.

                   I dreamed of one day having a fully trained retriever that I could be proud of, one that makes a day a field its own kind of special.  My love for waterfowl naturally progressed into the desire to seriously pursue upland game as well. I had to get a dog that would do both as I couldn't lose the valuable water aspect of a retriever but really wanted a pointer. I began the search for a breed that would fit the bill with a great personality as well. 


                  The search lead me to the Pudelpointer. The warm but intense eyes with a goofy personality, the insane water drive and retrieving desire. The ability to hunt chukar with the best of the upland specialists... How could a guy go wrong? I hounded the internet and made various phone calls which led me to Bob Farris of Cedarwood Kennels. The work and dedication that Bob put into his program and the performance of his dogs just overwhelmed me. This guy is the real deal, a no holds barred, down and dirty hunting dog that was overwhelmingly proven by his test scores and style of hunting. I had to get my hands on a Cedarwoods dog at all cost! After many phone calls with Bob he told me I would get one.


                   April 7th 2014 when my dog Cedar was born I drove down and picked him up and met bob face to face. Little did I know that would be the start of my journey in this dog world, which soon led to me wanting to help continue the advancement of this wonderful breed. I acquired 3 more Pudelpointers since then and became a NAVHDA Judge in the process. I really latched on to training dogs, I love to see a dog transform into a solid hunting companion through training and testing. I strongly believe that we should not only push ourselves but also our dogs to be the best they can be. My goal is to produce the most stylish and trainable dogs that I can. I want to create a dog that a novice handler can train and handle with ease yet has all the horsepower and drive a serious hunter needs. I hope you come along with me on the journey to move the needle forward for the breed!


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