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         Here at Evergreen Gundogs we strive to breed for the all around hunting companion. We want dogs that will hunt the frigid cold waterfowl seasons followed by an athletic, honest upland dog that confidently stands birds and offers excellent teamwork for its owner. The dogs must be gentle in nature and kindhearted. We aim to produce dogs that are happy clownish dogs that get along with everyone. We make the goal to breed dogs that perform well but are biddable and easy to train for the average person. The dogs must be good citizens in the home and function as part of the family.                We strive to protect, preserve and improve the intended nature of this wonderful Versatile Hunting dog breed by adhering to a strict breeding standard set forth by the North American Pudelpointer Alliance (NAPPA). We want all our puppies to go to homes that they will be hunted regularly and also tested in the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) testing system. 


          In addition to the NAPPA guidelines, here at Evergreen all our females must meet the following criteria: Females must score a minimum of 105 points in NA for their first breeding. After that they must meet the same requirements for males before any subsequent breeding takes place. We do this so we are continuing to raise the bar for performance standards and also establishing good healthy breeding by having the females first litter before she is 3 yrs old and also be able to see if she will be a good mother. We want to make sure we are only continuing to breed females that are good natured mothers and take to that responsibility naturally. Doing this before too much time is invested in the dog allows us to be as efficient with our breeding program as possible while maintaining a high standard for our dogs. 

         Males, all Males must be a prize II 180 points minimum in UT to be considered for breeding. Having this minimum in place insures the further progression of our lines and litters that will perform well at the highest levels of testing. If you have a dog that does well in the upper levels of testing, you will have a great well trained hunting companion that is a pleasure to hunt with. Furthermore, Adhering to these standards eliminates any breeder bias and gives an honest evaluation of a dog being considered for breeding. There are a lot of people out there that say their dog is a great hunting dog but testing proves it to an agreed upon standard... Beware of those kennels that do minimal testing to back up their claims of quality hunting dogs. Look at what type of hunting they do and how many days a year they hunt their breeding stock... NAVHDA Testing isn't the end all be all but it is the best we have to show our dogs can do what we say and what is needed to be an all around great hunting companion. We also run our dogs in United Kennel Club (UKC) hunt tests, which is a great organization that offers testing in the Hunting Retriever Club (HRC).

        Health in a Gundog is paramount. With that in mind we take the health of our dogs very serious and want you to have a lasting hunting companion that will be healthy and a joy to own. Although, when dealing with mother nature we cannot promise every dog will be flawless its whole life but we make a promise to our clients and to the breed to do all in our power to produce the healthiest dogs we can. We do this by testing the hips of all our in house breeding stock with the PENN HIP, and/or OFA system... We adhere to breeding hips that are certified to be free of Hip Dysplasia. On top of hips we also have breeding stock that is free of any bite issues and free of any genetic disease. We will provide any health records upon request to those that are serious about investing in an Evergreen Pudelpointer...

The order in which our puppies are placed is based upon how much of our criteria you meet:
  • Hunting experience.
  • Dog experience.
  • Housing Situation.
  • Willingness to test in NAVHDA System.
                 Fill out and submit our Puppy Application to be considered for a Puppy.
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