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Prairie Trout's Yours Truly

Physical Attributes:

Medium Dense

Medium Harsh

60  lbs

Performance Testing:

UT (TBD 2021)


            Henry is out of a very special breeding with the last straw of frozen semen from Cedarwood's First Offense.  Tukr was the top producing Pudelpointer Stud in history. His progeny have then gone on to be top performing Versatile Hunting dogs. We are already seeing fabulous traits in Henry, he is a very confident boy that really likes to show off. He is an extremely powerful and athletic dog. His water entry is 10-15ft resembling that of his father. His points are very stylish and proud and has an exceptional nose. He covers the field like a thoroughbred race horse and his love for water is just like his dads! Henry is one of the most sweetest, kindhearted dogs I have owned. He loves everyone and is always happy. Henry is the last breeding from Cedarwood's First Offense.

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Henry pointing covey.jpg
Henry Birds.jpg
Henry chukar.jpg


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