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Cedarwoods Hot Pursuit

Physical Attributes:

Medium Dense

Medium Harsh

70 lbs

Performance Testing:

NA 112 pz 1

UT 188 pz 2

Hips: HD Free

                Cedar is a high drive, hard charging dog that excels in the marsh. He will bulldoze anything in his way when going through cover. His retrieving drive and water work rivals most labs. He is my "go to" duck dog when I need a cold water all business retriever. He can hold his own in the chukar hills and has a good medium to big range.  With all that said, he is a gentleman in the house and loves being with his people, he can be a real clown when he feels like making you laugh. He is the last stud dog out of Cedarwoods Quick Release which was a very high drive stud from Bob Farris.

cedar chukar.jpg
Cedar point.jpg
1220 018.JPG
1220 023.JPG
Cedar pointing covey.jpg


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