Cedarwoods Fearless Diva

Physical Attributes:

Medium Dense


48 lbs

Performance Testing:

NA 108 Prize 2

UT 195 Prize 1

Hips: HD Free

        Penny is a very outgoing dog that is pure electric in the field. She is a medium range dog that hunts every inch of the ground she covers. Her intensity on point is enough to stop your heart. Her nose is like a cannon and stands her birds at great distances. She is deadly on quail and you will never question if you missed any birds with her. She is very smart and is always looking to do what you ask. Her temperament is very sweet and affectionate. She is a prime example of top shelf breeding stock. Her pups from her first litter show that she is producing very nice pups and they all have inherited her pointing style and intensity.

penny point.jpg
penny po.jpg